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  • Food, drinks, Tank warfare or why not complex issues on your work.

  Peters links

EDB is my employer. Check out something about IT-outsourcing at  www.edb.se


  • Peter in short! 
  • Executive MBA from the University of Stockholm 
  • Bachelor Degree in Economics from the College of Gävle 
  • Active in the IT-business in different middle management positions since 1996. Excellent sales executive skills and results. 
  • I like it at most when I am leading up to 35 people in an operative way.
  • Member of AFSMI.
  • Experienced in managing transportation and logistical companies.
  • Experienced boardmember
  • Multinational business network.   
  • Not working, I like to read, travel and ride motorcycles, however, doing business is really whats triggers me.
  • Hidden knowledge- Black belt in martial arts! 
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